Waterproofing in Mississauga, Oakville, BurlingtonAs part of our on-going commitment to offer all of our customers the full range of concrete service – from new installations to repairs, we also offer specialized waterproofing for your property needs.  With years of experience from injections to full digs, we are sure we can fix your water problems.     

    Injection waterproofing is often used to fill and seal cracks and crevices. The material is lightweight and most often made from a polyurethane compound.

    Parging Coat Is a thin coat of a cement applied to concrete for refinement of the surface. The typical parge coat is 1/32"-1/16" in thickness;   The intent is to create a contiguous surface by filling surface air voids and provide protection against rain and snow damage.


ENL Masonry's waterproofing projects.

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